“Two roads diverged in a wood. I took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference”

Robert Frost

Welcome to my Personal Development - Life Coaching Site

What is life or personal coaching? Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads and have realised it was impossible to think straight or as some people say " I cannot see the wood from the trees right now"? Life coaching is a skilled process that allows you to work through the most pressing areas in your life in a totally confidential, non-judgemental way. Those that have worked with me so far have said they have come in with the world on their shoulders and left feeling alot lighter with a clearer view of how to move forward. I can explain more to you in an initial conversation, which is offered complimentary, whereby we can establish if it is something that can work for you and take it from there. Any session or sessions take place in my farm office base in County Wicklow. Please view my testimonials featured on the 'about' page but in the meantime, if you wish to speak to me please do so. I look forward to talking with you.

Personal Development Coaching

What is life coaching? The simplest explanation I can give you is to imagine yourself looking out a window and seeing what is ahead but there is fog and mist and things are not quite so clear. Life coaching sessions and the process I use help give you clarity on where you want to be. I do this through one to one sessions and group coaching workshops.

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National Speaker

National Speaker on my journey from corporate to farming and the mindset to manage that. I speak also on farm diversification and what we have completed within a budget. Mindset for business and building resilience . Profile of audience is as follows. Women in Business or farming. Local Enterprise social evenings. Farming groups eg Teasgasc.Click below to see testimonials . .

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Associate Trainer with the Entrepreneurs Academy on Idea Generation- Marketing on a Budget - Mindset for business. Bord Bia trainer for Farmers Markets. Click below for more info